Ethics in the Army

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When we enlist in the U.S. Army, we do sign a contract, but that is just an enlistment contract stating our job, years serving, and any bonuses that we may qualify for. However, I would not consider that an employee agreement, but with the strict discipline and the training that we receive, I don't believe anyone doubts how we are supposed to behave. We have regulations that cover everything that there is to think of in the Army and exactly how it is supposed to be done. One thing that I believe is a big issue in the Military Services is the use of social security numbers as being our primary source of identification. Every piece of paper we sign, all official documents, and even our military ID card still contains our full social security number. I have seen individuals that are careless with their information and are so trusting with their information.

Throughout my years, I have seen many individuals that have been victim to identity theft, and the individuals that stole their information were friends and peers of theirs. Even with the discipline and emphasis that we place on morals and ethics, not everyone in the military thinks that way. Utilitarianism and deontological ethics help to explain this informational privacy dilemma.

Utilitarianism ethics most effectively explains why we depend on the use of Social security numbers to identify the members of the Armed Forces. One of the easiest and most effective ways to identify a person is through the use of their Social Security number. The military depends on the use of social security numbers. Some may say that we should just use names to identify a person; however, I found that this is not a good idea either when I searched the Army Knowledge Online which...