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This paper will review the article "Through the Ethics Looking Glass: Another View of the World of Auditors and Ethics". The article emphasizes upon the auditing profession. In combination with governmental regulations, the auditing profession has an opportunity to revive public confidence in the business environment. Restoring confidence is a necessary step, retaining and maintaining this confidence may be an even larger task.

Article SummaryThe article focuses on the second dimension of ethics for the auditing sector and discusses the ethical considerations faced by auditors. The second dimension expects "auditors to evaluate the integrity and ethical values of clients" (Martin, 2007). This challenges auditors in understanding ethics at a higher level. Furthermore, the article presents ideas how educators and researchers might assist in the understanding of ethics.

Article Related to the ReadingsThe article makes repeated references to the financial statements the auditors are to scrutinize. The first chapters in the text deal with accounting environment.

These readings introduce financial statements. The importance of the individual statements is discussed and the interrelationship between the statements and how they are used to make informed decisions on the strength of the organization is related. One of the points in the text discusses the importance of having confidence in the statements. Investors use these statements as critical decision-making tools when making investment decisions. Without confidence in the validity of these documents, investors would be reluctant to part with their money.

Application to Organization15 years ago, I assisted an accountant for Daytona Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau. "Without a strong and healthy control environment, the other components of internal control hardly matter because no amount of control over physical or processing activities can be expected to function well if the people devising and operating the controls are not likely to exhibit high integrity and ethical...