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My ethical perspective is most likely to be based on Obligation. Not only is that the category of ethical philosophy with my largest combined score, but it is far and away much greater that the next closest score. In fact, it is the only category where my score was not a negative number and therefore is infinitely greater than even the next closest category. My score in the Obligation category is twelve (Ethics Inventory Awareness 2008). It is significant that the score is derived from having thirteen out of twenty four responses in the "most" category. Even more telling is that the Obligation category has only one response out of twenty four in the "least" category. These numbers show definite opposing ends of the spectrum with no room for doubt as to which is dominant in my personality. Obligation is very clearly the category that forms the strongest basis for my ethical decision making.

In fact, as mentioned above, it is the only category where my score was a positive number. In reality, this is accurate. I tend to derive my ethics from the obligations of my job and the requirements of applicable policies and procedures as well as governing laws. The next closest score is in the category of Results. As noted, it is a very distant second place, with a combined score of negative two. Very close behind that is Equity with a combined score of negative three. Of course, this leaves Character as the category which my ethics is least likely to be based on. Not only is it significant that this category is last, but there is another large drop between this and the next closest category. The combined score in this category is negative seven. Further, while the number of "most" scores in the...