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During this course, I have learned that ethics and moral values go hand and hand because both are based on the concept of doing right or wrong. This week's reading explains how an ethical perspective could be viewed as an individual's perception of beliefs, rules, and moral values depending on his or her personal opinion of what is right and wrong. The Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) Analysis is a tool used to assist individuals to analyze well as comprehend personal characteristics that imitate individual perspectives on ethics.

The Ethics Awareness Inventory is divided into four sections: Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity. The aforementioned sections are also referred to as the (CORE), which helps establishes an individual's personal ethical perspective. Although this tool is not a precise calculation of an individual's ethical perspective, the CORE helps to provide a general insight into one's personal views relating to issues regarding ethics.

According to the analysis, my ethical profile is "MOST" closely aligned with obligation; whereas, I am "LEAST" closely aligned with equity. This paper is to convey the results of my findings as it relates to taking the Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis.

ObligationObligation, being my most closely aligned category according to the EAI can be defined as one's duty, commitment, and responsibility to act or take action on behalf of personal beliefs. When it comes to my professional or personal life, I am one who puts emphasis on doing what is morally and ethically right. I do not mind standing for others who cannot stand if I am passionate about the issue. I believe if I am in a position to help make a situation better, then I am obligated to do so; especially if the cause is for the betterment of those that I directly impact. However, I am...