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August 31, 2009Defining ethics is often a difficult task for individuals to do. Ethics can be defined with more than one meaning. Awareness and the ability to analyze ones personal and professional ethics is an essential aspect for adults in today's highly competitive and specialized business world. This paper will interpret the results of the Ethics Awareness Inventory, explain how the educational experience has influenced my own ethical thinking, describe how I apply my own ethics in thinking and decision-making, and how I attempt to cope with people and situations that offer differing interpretations of ethical behavior.

I completed the Ethics Awareness Inventory and was surprised by the results. The ethics awareness inventory is used to measure an individual's perspective by measuring the answers given which measure the general views and approaches in regard to ethical debates. "The keyword for each category is character, obligation, results, and equity." (University of Phoenix, 2003) I understood that there was no right or wrong answers for this test but some of the questions made me think long and hard about my ethical beliefs.

According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory Scoring Summary, my ethical profile is closely aligned with character. The inventory also showed that my ethical profile is least closely aligned with equity. I believe understanding ones personal ethic perspective is extremely important for individuals to do because prior to this assessment I had not thought about assessing where I stood ethically.

I found most areas of the assessment of my ethical beliefs were accurate. I have always been raised to believe that character and integrity are a pertinent factor in an individual's life because these are the characteristics that create the foundation of becoming a "good" person. I was taught to look for the honor, justice and benevolence in individuals.