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What comes around goes around, crime doesn't pay, live and let live. These clichés, along with many other ones, have been around for many years and there are still much more to come. Most of these clichés are an insult to ones morality; but there is one in particular that is far from ever being a bit truthful. All's fair in love and war. That is one of the worst clichés that could have had ever been invented. Many people have used clichés, like this one, as a way to cover up for their own mistakes or their flaws. Could you blame them? That is how we are taught in a society like ours; never take full responsibility. Or is it that many try to rebel from their parents moral teachings? Is everything fair in love and war? If so, why do people die while at war? Why are boys taken from their families and trained to kill? Why does love cause such pain, such agony, such frustration? As one lives they learn to realize that nothing is ever fair in any aspect of life.

So why the saying? To keep it simple, the saying is for those who do not understand what it is to love or be loved. So, instead of trying to understand, someone compared it to an unimaginable event such as war. At least that is how I see it. Honestly, just think about it. War is not and will never be a friendly game of chess and the same goes for love. No matter who you may be everyone has used a cliché at some point of their life. But there are those special few that use them as an excuse for every day that passes. For instance when life is starting to turn bad...