Ethics in Society - Values Clarification

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"Think about your own life experiences and in particular think over the important things in your life that you have learned. Write a brief letter to a future generation or person about yourself and what is important to you in terms of living 'a good life'.

My Dearest Family and Future Generation,Whilst writing this letter to you means having to face my own mortality, thankfully I will be dead when you read it and thus saved from any embarrassment. I simply wanted you to briefly know who I was and what was important to me in life. My friends would probably tell you that for me family comes first, however I would not be the mother, daughter, lover or friend I was today without incredible personal and emotional growth, my good health and my various, sometimes unorthodox, creative outlets.

To laugh, dance, sing and play is pure joy to me, however I am reminded of the realities of life enough to not get swept away and I am as well known for my serious and quite side as I am my outrageous one.

Looking back I can say that the happiest times in my life were also my most successful and it is from this that I have learnt to make life a glorious mixture of hard work and pleasure.

Try and always keeps smiling even when times seem tough or you are at your most desperate and never let the 'turkeys' get you down. From an early age, promise me you will try and learn everything you can about the world and instil in yourselves a love of learning which lasts a lifetime long, as I have enjoyed. Of utmost importance is your education, this is your key to your future and, unlike me, will save yourselves having to...