Ethnic Conflict Paper

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Ethnic Conflict Paper



Ethnic Group Conflict

When people speak of war, two countries with diverse cultures come to mind: Iran and Israel. This war is considered a biblical war more than a political war. Muslim and Jewish cultures are very traditional in their way of life and beliefs. Iranians and Israelis were once at peace with each other and allies. The turn to hostility came when the dominance of the Islamic republican government took over Iran. Each state has different social perceptions and social cognitions because of their viewpoints. This has caused hostility, stereotyping, and bias between these two states.


Iran's people speak primarily Farsi (Persian) and Persians make up 63% of its population (Iran, 2005). Because Iranians come from a Persian decent the country is the largest Non-Arabian nation located in the Middle East, which borders the Caspian Sea (Iran, 2009).

Iranians believe in the Muslim religion and have an Islamic republican government (Iran, 2009). Iran controls most of the world's export of oil, and relies on this for government revenues (Iran, 2009). Muslin women usually cover their face and head with scarves, but the men do not have to do this (Iran, 2005).

The male dominant hierarchy is handed down from generation to generation (Moghadam, Knudson-Martin, & Mahoney, 2009). Traditional Iranian families believe in the male dominance, and women are not considered equal. Iranian women are responsible for raising the children, taking care of the home, and have restricted financial opportunities (Moghadam, Knudson-Martin, & Mahoney, 2009). Women cannot divorce the men, but men can divorce the women (Moghadam, Knudson-Martin, & Mahoney, 2009). If an Iranian man decides to divorce his wife he automatically obtains full custody of their children (Moghadam, Knudson-Martin, & Mahoney, 2009). Men also control...