Ethnic Stereotyping

Essay by mizbabiientice April 2004

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Think Twice Before You Judge

Ethnic stereotype is a false statement that has been repeated so many times that is accepted by many people as generally true. The use of ethnic stereotypes often leads to misunderstanding and hurt feelings. Some stereotypes, based on unbiased observations of actual behavior, can be accurate and useful. During my first semester at KCC my friend and I went to the library to get a current event from the T.V. for an upcoming assignment. As we were watching the news, she commented that she was afraid of North Korea more than Iraq because, and I quote, "Don't take this the wrong way, but Koreans are cruel ruthless killers." I was completely shocked and speechless. My Korean blood was boiling inside, but I managed to act cool and said that there are cruel people in every community. Of all things I didn't expect her to make a rude comment like that.

I felt really upset because she is my best friend and I couldn't possibly think why she said something so rude and hurtful.

Name-calling, pre-judgments, false assumptions of ethnic stereotyping are all examples of small-scaled problems in our society. Ethnic stereotyping can lead to irrational fear, suspicion and hate that will represent a major threat to democratic and open society. This can also lead to social harm when the categories we create to group people become the basis for prejudice. As a society we need to become more culturally competent. This is having cultural awareness and sensitivity towards others. Cultural competence teaches appropriate behaviors, respect and mutual understanding. We need to learn respect what we may not always understand another individuals experience. We need to accept the fact that we may not always know everything. We need to have the willingness to pursue information in...