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Human Communication

Ethnography Research

Huson Chan

Method of Observation:

-In order for accurate data and analysis, Michael Keogh & Huson set off to Robina town center, basing their research at the food court (The Food Atrium). They had arrived at the food court at 4:30pm, and chosen the bar seats for effective views & observations for the data analysis. They took a few minutes observing the area and searching throughout for perfect targets for this particular research in cellular phone usage. There was a group of 15-year-old girls spotted in front of McDonald's enjoying their meal and conversing. There was a constant "checking for updates" association with constantly checking and glancing at their cellular phones (mainly iPhones) for any notifications or updates. For efficient data and research, Michael & Huson had used the mnemonic device, the SPEAKING model, in which helped them identify the specifics (event, situation, act, surroundings, participants, etc.).

Data Discussion

-After the research and particular observations at Robina Town Center Food Atrium, we had acknowledged that the social impact of using cellular devices influences the interactions between an Individual with their partners, friends, families, etc. This clearly indicates the lack of communication with individuals and the company they have amongst them. Seeing the constant association with the individuals, repetitively checking their cellular phones for updates or indication of notifications portrays the imbalance of priorities. Not only did the group of 15-year-old girls had displayed this usage of cellular phones, but most large groups of people in the Food Atrium were frequently focused on their mobile devices. This indicates a relation to Uses and Gratifications theory, as it portrays individuals using particular media in order to satisfy their personal specific needs. As communication is defined as a "process in which participants create and share information with...