Ethnomethodology Experiment. an essay on an Ethnomethodology experiment, taking people out of their every day norms.

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My own personal experiment with "Ethnomethodology", the study of the way people make sense of their everyday surroundings.

My job was to find or create an experiment and break all the conventional norms and observe how people would react.

Experiment #1 took place Saturday February 15, 2003. My family and I have wanted to visit the J. Paul Getty Museum for some time now; we just have never had time to go as a family. That all changed when my aunt Linda came out here to California for vacation.

We all thought it would be nice to spend the day at the Museum, and there could not be a better place to try my ethnomethodology experiment than at a museum.

My family and I had just finished up looking at Bill Viola's art work called "The Passions" it was the main feature at the Museum. Bill Viola's art work was silent videos that open up new perspectives on the power and complexity of emotions using modern technology.

Personally I did not understand it, but who understands most art.

We were leaving the north pavilion, and headed to the west pavilion to look at some ancient art after the 1800's, we were on the second floor and used the elevator to get down to the first floor, inside the elevator is were the first experiment took place.

The Museum and the elevator were packed that Saturday. Most of the people that were in the elevator were tourists, I could tell by the headphones that were around their necks. The Museum called them Audioguides. The audioguides were a self- guided audio tour in foreign languages. The surroundings were perfect; we were all jammed into that elevator like a can of sardines, when my mom's boyfriend thought it would be perfect.