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The EU started at first as the EEC the European Economic Community.

First aim was to create a common market by abolishing all tariffs between member countries and putting a common external common tariff on all imported goods.

- In 1991 it was decided to replace national currencies with the euro. Only 11 countries joined the euro zone.

- Second change is to increase the membership of the European. Many invites have been made.

- The EU has great impact on business and many other aspects of life since the UK joined in 1973.

- Britain's trade with EU countries has increased from 40% to 56%.

- The EU has strict control over British farming which was shown in 1996 when the EU banned all exports of British beefs because of the mad cow disease.

- The EU tells each country how much fish it should have.

- The EU has introduced a wide range of laws to protect the environment.

- The EU guarantees workers a minimum wage, a maximum working week of 48 hours and a minimum annual holiday of four weeks.

- VAT is imposed on all EU countries with a minimum of 15%.