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When presented with this project, I was overwhelmed. I couldn't decide which poet to choose. I love so many poets, and so, the most difficult part was choosing. I decided I would choose someone different. Someone whom I knew wouldn't be chosen by others. I am also not as familiar with this poet as I am with so many others. The poet I chose is Eugene Field.-Yes "The Children's Poet" Eugene Field was born on September 2, 1850 in Saint Louis. He had one brother named Roswel who was a year younger than he, and a sister who died soon after birth. Eugene was very close with his brother, but they were very different. Eugene was afraid of the dark and his brother was afraid of nothing. His fear of the dark was part of his inspiration as a children's poet. When Eugene was six years old, his mother died.

His father sent him to live with his cousin, Mary French in Massachusetts. While living there, Eugene wrote his first poem at the age of nine. The poem was about his cousin's dog "Fido" When Eugene was fifteen, he was sent to a private school in Massachusetts, and then attended William's College in Massachusetts, but he dropped out eight months later when his father passed away. He then went to Knox College, but dropped out after a year. Then he went to the University of Missouri where his brother was attending. While there he met a yung girl named Julia Comstock. Two years later, they married. They had eight children. Two died as babies, and another as a little boy.

He worked for many newspapers including Chicago Daily News where he wrote a humorous column called "Sharps and Flats" Eugene Field died in 1895 Eugene Field wrote children's poetry. Often, they were lullabies. He saw life through the eyes of a child, and understood what they thought. One of his most famous poems in "Wynken Blynken and Nod"- a lullaby.

The two poems I chose are "The Fly-Away Horse" and "Little Boy Blue" I chose these two because they show two very different types of poems, and I think they illustrate the type of poet Eugene Field was bibliography: www.poets/eugenefield/