Eulogy - The Death of my good friend.

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When you look back on the life of a person, it seems so easy to break it down as a great loss, but to me, today is not about loss, sadness or despair. It is about celebrating the life of an intelligent, loving, caring and gifted man; Johnny Nguyen. I have been very fortunate in my friends and mentors so far in my life, one whom particularly stands out is Johnny. In dedication of Johnny, we knew a great man who taught us how to appreciate the goodness of life and its various gifts.

Johnny was certainly a unique character, a person who was both quirky and eccentric. His love of his country can only be matched by his love for his family. Johnny wasn't just a friend to me; he was like a brother I had always wanted, a brother who would stand up for me, a brother who would embrace one hundred and ten percent pure Love towards his friends and family.

I first met Johnny in High School and we instantly clicked. He was definitely a wild and extreme figure, making us laugh even when it wasn't meant to be funny. He was unpredictable and spontaneous; you'd never know what he would do next! I can still remember when Johnny would profoundly walk around yelling "look at my 6-pac!" at school. Johnny stayed my best friend in High School, but we went on our own pathways in pursuit of different careers, however we still kept in touch and remained the best of friends.

Johnny pursued his long life dream endorsed by his father's foot steps by joining the Australian Army to serve his country. He was constantly upbeat for new adventures and journeys being the dare-devil that he was. He also felt an exhilaration and self-satisfaction...