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Old friend, the glimmer of light you shone upon us is gone, as we lay, cloaked in darkness now, devoid of your warmth. Your friends, your associates, your country, your passing has us confined to mourning, you left us far too soon. You are now free. Free of your burdens my friend. With your mother and father in heaven your sole will rest for all eternity, while hear on earth, storm clouds have gathered. Your presence is sorely missed.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, was a man whose life touched many others. Perhaps the poet and Earl of Oxford, Edward De Vere, put it best when he said love, loyalty and kindness were the very essence of Hamlet. Love, loyalty and kindness. His friends and family, his beloved country, his people - all who knew the man and experienced his aura had but the deepest respect for him.

Hamlet's loyalty and love of his country was evident in all that he did.

His military prowess and fluency with the sword always astonished me and his beautiful style amazed all those who had the opportunity to see him dual. His final dual against the late Laertes, perhaps best portrayed Hamlet's elegant swordsmanship, a victory without losing a single point. A cheap shot from behind was the only way to bring Hamlet down it would seem. Hamlet's wonderful ability to dual reflected his patriotism, as he mastered the art should he one day need to fight for his country. Perhaps the best indication of Hamlet's love of his country shone bright at one of the darkest points of his life. When Hamlet learned of his father's death he was overcome by grief, even more so when he first learned that he was murdered by the late King Claudius. Despite this, Hamlet overcame...