Euridyce in "Antigone" - Essay expressing her personal thoughts about the events of the novel

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Antigone - Prompt #2

"I despise you, Creon, for all the grief that you have caused me and the anguish that you have put my family though. You caused the death of my precious son, Haemon, due to your selfish, stubborn, and cruel ways. By brutally murdering his future bride, Antigone, you crushed his fragile heart and have caused him to take his own cherished life. I loathe you, Creon, and pray that you will someday suffer the same fate Polyneices, lying the scorching sun, decaying in the empty stomachs of wild fiends. I wish Haemon would have thrust the bloody knife into your chest instead of missing and turning it on himself. Then, I would be free of my newfound anguish and would have a joyful upcoming life with the marriage of Haemon, and the continuation of our noble family line. For what reason has all this heartache been delt? I see no logical answer to your malicious cruelty except for your own selfish wants.

You murdered Antigone, my son's future wife, just for the purpose of authority. By killing her, you instilled fear in all the citizens of Labdacids, causing them to look up to you as a powerful leader. What use is this power if you have no one to rule over, for everyone will leave once they have heard of this tragedy? Instead of murdering Antigone, thus causing my son's death, you should have overlooked this infringement of the law and let Polyneices' body be laid to rest. Polyneices deserved a proper burial, for he was a respected war hero, and all the citizens of Labdacids agreed with Antigone's pursuits. Your selfish pride is despised by the gods who rule over us, for they bring suffering to your kind. You blind,