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"Euro Disneyland Case"

By Benjamin

Identify the major problem facing the company.

Euro Disneyland have been a fascinating project of collaboration, which took many years to be realized. After 2 successes, one in California and the other in Japan, the company didn't want to stop the assumption and dreamed to open another theme park in Europe. This project became reality in 1992. The problem that they had to face was to adapt an American organization in a suburb of Paris, Marne La Vallee. Disney theme parks, long considered to be a recipe for guaranteed financial success, soon ran into trouble and meet financial deficiency. They thought that the project could be a success as it was the case for the park in Japan but they had to cope with many new challenges, forcing them to reconsider their cookie-cutter standard model for success.

Robert Fitzpatrick left his post of chairperson to let Philippe Bourguignon resolve the problem of a net loss of FFr 188 million for Euro Disneyland's fiscal year which ended September 1992.

Between April and September 1992, only 29 percent of the park's total visitors were French while 50 percent were waited.

The company didn't realize that some adaptations were needed in order to be a success and to attract European visitors. In Europe you have to answer to many different tastes because the visitors come from all over the world even if most come from Europe.

In fact the objectives fixed by the direction of Disney had not been reached the first year and then also. So we will see in this report that few minor problems have to be faced and represent the major problem which is the poor profit of Euro Disneyland. Many things have been done to increase the...