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Euro-Trip Essay By: Sydney Schroeder

Everybody has that one place they've always wanted to go. Some would choose Hawaii, while others Disney Land, but for me it has always been Europe. Just the thought of getting to travel, let alone to another continent excites me; I live for adventure and have always been one to try new things whole-heartily. If I were chosen as one of the lucky applicants to go on this year's Euro-Trip it'd be a dream come, Paris, Spain and Portugal have always been at the top of my list of places I want to go. Why, you may ask, well of course I could say that I want to go to Europe because I want to buy new clothes or try different foods, which is true, but that's not the initial reason for my application. The real reason for this essay is to explain to you that why I want to go to Europe is because I want to get the chance to be more cultured while I am still youthful, I want to learn about the world outside of North America (I have only ever travelled to places in North America) and I want to take in the rich history that Europe has to offer.

My parents have always told me that if I get a chance to increase my understanding of the world, of other cultures, people, ideas, and beliefs I shouldn't hesitate to jump at the opportunity. Therefore this euro-trip is the perfect place to start, Paris, Spain and Portugal have very different cultures than what I am used to, and they are vibrant places that are full of diverse customs and extraordinary architecture. I feel that if I were chosen to explore these great places I could really enhance my life...