Europe the Surprising Domination

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Although India, Peru and Mexico were well-organized and advance civilization that didn't stop Europeans from dominating their society. The driving force behind the European expansion and domination was the hunger for new markets and sources of raw material to feel the emerging capitalist economy. The Europeans were thought not to be able to conquer anything; they didn't have the best idea of what the world looked like, they thought it was ¾'s land and ¼ water. How could such uninformed people be able to conquer most of the world?

For the last half of the Millennium Europe wasn't the most dominate civilization, China was. However when it became time to go out and explore the world it was only Europeans that did. By the 1500's powerful banking families changed the views on wealth, people began to use money to make money. Merchants began to look for raw goods, which would have to be refined by European manufacturers, to trade.

All of the European power engaged in overseas exploration. By cracking the Atlantic wind system it gave Europeans a road directly to the Americas. Europeans wanted to badly to engage in transcontinental travel. During this period of exploration a lot of new devices were created such as quadrant and astrolabe. These devices allowed sailors to venture far out to sea and not be in sight of land in order to navigate. The Europeans were very determined in their search for wealth and the need to for raw material to fuel the emerging capitalist economy, which could have been a driving force for them to conquer the unknown.

In 1492 Columbus sailed West in search of a route to the East, he came upon the Caribbean islands. This discovery was followed up in the Spanish by exploring the mainland of South and...