European Culture.

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Europe is full of culture. No matter where you go, there is most likely some rich, ancient history to go along with it. I would have to say Europe is one of the most interesting and cultural Continents. Someday I actually do plan on going to Europe and seeing all it has to offer. The three main countries I would most like to visit in Europe would be France, Italy and Sweden.

France has a lot of culture in it's own. It has a unique style that includes their clothing, food, language and daily life. Picture a place with cafes on each corner, a place where people greet you with hand shake and kisses, a place where you can socialize until 2 in the morning. Well, that is basically the atmosphere of France. The houses may be small, but who wants to spend all their time indoors? There is plenty to do and see outside.

If I were there, I would look at the many art galleries they have, try all the kinds of cheese and foods, I would go out to cafes and try to speak the little French I knew. There are many historical places to visit there also. You could see the Eiffel tower and Disney land in Paris or the Natural Regional park "Volcanos d'Auvergne" and the castles, historic ruins and walled villages in Auvergne. As you can see, there is plenty do in France. There is so much to learn and experience here. This is a great place to visit with your family or your friends. If I were to go, I would probably take my best friends with me. Au Revior!

Italy has had a long and colorful history. It has a beautiful environment with mountains, flatland and valleys. No place is very far...