"European Exploration" (rough draft of what will be a more detailed essay)

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Between 1450 and 1525 not only was there religious exploration (new ideas) but also geological exploration. There were many factors promoting European exploration between 1450 and 1525, these included the economy, technology available, politics, and religion.

The economy was much better at this time, allowing the needed funds to be paid for. Some of these funds came from the invention of the printing press, the state of slavery and even from the sales of indulgences. These different things allowed for more money to be made, less to be spent, and funds for exploration as a result. Then, on top of this source of funds, money came in from exploring.

The ability of sailing was a huge factor for technology. Without being able to sail, or without the needed navigation, exploration could not have taken place. The ability of sail itself played a role. The Printing Press could also be put under technology.

It allowed for documents to be printed in much larger quantities faster, and for a cheaper price. At these lower prices, the documents could be sold for a higher profit. This also spread the news of new exploration and settlements.

The religious factor of exploration was both to expand the church and to escape from the church. Anabaptists were on group that affected and made use of exploration. They were often forced to live in their own community for many communities either hated Anabaptists or didn't allow them altogether. The expansion of the church was led my missionaries. Missionaries were able to go farther, cover more ground, and by doing so, able to reach more people. Technology also allowed them to do this due to sailing abilities.

The political factor was played out by the rulers of different European areas. If they were promoters of exploration, then exploration...