European Imperialism in Africa. By Nicole Robichaud

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European Imperialism in Africa

"Black people could be made to be equal to white people through two gifts of European society, Christianity and commerce." This quote said by Sir David Livingston reveals his intents and thoughts on the black people of Africa. People will argue whether or not this statement is true, but by looking at other writings and quotes from the time, it can be seen that Livingston was not accurate in saying that this is how the rest of the Europeans felt towards the efforts being made in Africa. His statement is an opinion of how he felt towards the efforts being made and not the rest of the missionaries that were in Africa.

Livingston though that all you had to do to make the Africans equal to the Europeans that were inhabiting Africa was teach them the Christian religion, and give them commerce. Many people realized soon after that just by doing so, the Africans were still not equal to the Europeans. "Missionaries were teaching the equality of man, yet they themselves were practicing discrimination in a deeply racially divided colonial society. They were providing education in order to get literate workers for mines and farms" (Nason Chevorea). Many people, like the Minister Nason Chevorea, realized that after the Europeans taught the Africans in the missionary schools, they would put them to work so that they could do jobs an education was needed for, jobs in which they were not able to previously do, so the Europeans had to do them. Some Africans like Chevorea saw the educating of the Africans was only...