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When g-d gave the ten commandments to his people on Mount - Sinai all living beings were ordered to abide by 10 commands or rules , one of those rules being "thou shallt not kill". Active Euthanasia is causing the death of somebody through a direct action, in response to a request from that person, also know as mercy killing.

Mercy killing is going against all the values of g-d and disobeying one of the most crucial rules or commands of our society. In this essay I will be discussing why active euthanasia is unnatural, unethical and the effects it could have on our society.

Since men have been known on this earth death has always lied in destiny's hand or in the hands of g-d. A natural death is when somebody dies of old age , of a sickness or of an accident but definitely not by the help of anybody else but g-d.

In our day and age doctors and scientists are constantly developing cures for what once were uncurable diseases. There is kemotherapy for cancer patients, ways to help people breath if they cannot do it on their own , paraplegics to help people walk and mostly , the pain suffered by terminally ill patients can usually be controlled through various means of technology . So to kill somebody when medical discoveries are at such a high peak is not only unjust but intolerable.

One aspect of ethics is religion. In most religions euthanasia is prohibited and urged to be banned from the few places where it is legalized namely Columbia, Japan, the Netherlands and the state of Oregon. Most devout Christians (Lutheran church, reform church, methodist church, orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics and others) have two main arguments for why euthanasia should be prohibited: - Life is...