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Ashley Newby Civics 1* Mr. Morales 15 October 2001 Euthanasia "Can it be right to kill an innocent person?" Euthanasia is the intentional killing of a person. It can be either through lethal injection or by not providing the patient the necessities to live. By current law, all forms of euthanasia are murder and assisting suicide is a criminal offense.1 There are a many ways in which the euthanasia can be performed. One of the most common types of euthanasia is the ceasing of medical treatment, in this case, the doctor would simply take away any types of medication that the patient was on to keep them alive. The second most common type of euthanasia is the over use of drugs, such as pain killers, in large doses, this can lead to death.2 It is both ethically and legally wrong to make a person to die but it is not ethically and legally wrong to let a person die.

The person who is going to die can either ask to be killed or they can risk their life. Prescribing for death would be like prescribing some other sort of antibiotic or medicine.3 Newby 2 Euthanasia is/was usually performed on the patients who have a terminal illness or who are severely suffering, now euthanasia is becoming a more "popular" thing among those who wish to die for some unknown reason like just being tired of life. Those who wish to have euthanasia performed on themselves usually are suffering depression and is almost always associated with a social problem. The current law recognizes the right of every mentally competent person to refuse unwanted medical treatment, but not the right to take one's own life. Now the question turns "Can it be right to kill such persons unnecessarily?"4