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The topic that I chose to write about is Euthanasia. I found that this is a very sensitive subject and if different people were polled, you will most certainly find different viewpoints. Euthanasia is a form of mercy killing. The question that we have to ask ourselves is who gives man the right to decide or the wisdom to determine when it is time for someone to die, by performing a mercy killing called euthanasia. In my reading the act of performing euthanasia was considered if a person was terminally ill or in a great deal of pain and suffering. One must ask themselves who gave them the right to decide when a person has enough pain and how much or how long is enough pain.

When a person is terminally ill who gives you the right to decide that they have had enough suffering? The other question is, can anyone be capable and rational enough to make that decision? The decision to end someone's life is often totally based on the person performing the act's religious, moral and ethical beliefs.

Who says that their beliefs are right? Based on a persons belief this puts the patient's life and destiny in someone else's religious convictions that does not necessarily correspond with the patients.

I don't believe that man has the right to decide when death should take place. Although some people in the medical profession may feel otherwise. It becomes a question of moral and religious beliefs. I personally feel that under no circumstances, will I take part or condone mercy killing. It is part of my religious beliefs and it is confirmed in the Bible in the Ten Commandments, "Thou Shall Not Kill." It didn't say kill under prevailing circumstances. Whether you say that you are helping or aiding...