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In this essay I am going to tell you why, in my opinion voluntary euthanasia should not be made legal. Not everyone would agree but I feel that to give people the right to bring on another person's death sooner is wrong and I have many good arguments to back up my point of view.

Firstly it is always wrong to give up on life, you never know what lies ahead in the future. If you are terminally ill and only have 2 years left then you shouldn't give up, a scientist may come up with a cure in those 2 years. You should always live for tomorrow.

Also, people who commit suicide are only taking the easy way out. Many people who are terminally ill and find out that they are going to die face up to it and decide that now is the time to do some of the stuff they've always wanted to do but never bothered to or some people organise their own funeral.

I respect these people much more than anyone who wants to give up and take the easy way out so they can 'die with dignity.'

Thirdly it is your moral duty to stop anyone threatening to commit suicide. For example, if you saw someone standing on top of a very tall building over a busy road saying they were going to kill themselves, you wouldn't simply ignore them and you definitely wouldn't offer to help them by giving them a push. Likewise you should try to help a terminally ill person, not help them to die.

Furthermore committing suicide is normally a cry for help, Of those who try to commit suicide but are stopped less than 4% go on to kill themselves in the next five years and less than...