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Magic, it doesn't exist. At least that is what all the evidence points to. There are surgeons, nurses, medical professionals who sacrifice the better half of their twenties studying and uncovering the secret that is the human body, and all the complex and interweaving systems of cells, nerves, tissue and organs that so flawlessly constitute it. But when the body starts to break down and fall apart, when cells start to become cancerous, when muscle begins to weaken there are only so many tricks up a surgeon's sleeve to try and heal it. It's not as it they can just wave a wand or cast a spell to make it all better. And when the body is left irreparable it remains in a constant state of pain. And pain varies from the slight tingle to pain we can't ignore, and when it is the latter it causes the whole universe to fade out, until there is nothing left but pain.

And sometimes the only way to end that pain, is to the end the force that sustains it, life. Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow classmates, euthanasia is fundamentally an avenue that allows a patient to make a choice to end their life peacefully and with dignity by consuming a lethal dose of a chemical concoction. And people, all people of Australia should be allowed to make that decision. We are all safeguarded by the right to privacy and what is more private than the manner in which we choose to live our lives, and finally exit this world? A previous Victorian premiere, Jeff Kennett, once said, "Life is about choice, death should be about choice." However, our current society and legal code prohibits this option from being available to us, it inhibits our decision making power. And I realise...