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Jasmin McGee

Mrs. Sickinger

AP Composition

12 December 2013

Euthanasia: The Upcoming Death Epidemic

Is the act of either killing yourself or assisting someone in the pursuance of death truly ethical? It appears that concocting a lethal beverage containing barbiturates or being given a deadly prescription from an accredited physician is the widely known practice of euthanasia. While there are many supporters of this procedure acting as pro-death activists for various reasons, there is also an unlimited amount of people who despise of this act due to their many theories. However, those who support euthanasia, or other times called assisted suicide, have a theory as to exactly how and why euthanasia is beneficial to the common people. Although euthanasia is basically the legal termination of a human being, one must first be physically approved by a physician, and then meet all of the standards needed to go through with the procedure.

As well as pre-assessments, assisted suicide must have prevention assistance programs to decrease the rate of deaths that are not practical as well as unnatural. Euthanasia is unfortunately becoming more and more popular, therefore the risks involved with it are being tragically bestowed among our society and decreasing our population only leading to the devastation of our world.

With all of the controversy about legalization of euthanasia, not all of the support for the act comes from the law. Although assisted suicide is becoming more of a societal issue, there are only a few selected states that allow the contentious practice. The United States of America is actually not a top supporter of euthanasia as it only allows a few states to exercise the practice. As many as 58 percent of people voted for the Death with Dignity law in Washington hence, making it the second state...