Euthanasia In America

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Euthanasia and assisted suicide; are they both morally supported? By knowing the rights, the legalization, and the ethics of suicide, people might better understand peoples differing opinions concerning this social issue.

Do people have the right to get assistance with suicide? During the 1970's, Americans began demanding death-with-dignity. They believed that everyone has their own individual right to die. Although it was supported by a majority of people, medical physicians did not want to assist in suicides and euthanasia. They believed it was wrong to help patients commit suicide. Many hospitals and their employees were and still are strongly opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide (Worsnop 147). Assisted suicide involves the prescription of medication to a patient and the patient then takes the medication themselves to commit suicide. Euthanasia involves having the doctor administer the lethal dose him/herself.

The legalization for assisted suicide and euthanasia is a big controversy to many people.

Although doctors help their patients through sickness and death, they should not be obligated to assist in suicides. Euthanasia and assisted suicide should only be rational if it was clearly needed. The doctor would need permission form the patient (judging that their perception of life is not clouded by depression, medication, etc.), the patient's family, and the medical facility in charge of the care and treatment of the patient (Suicide: Should The Doctor Ever Help? 4). Mental problems should not give the patient the right to assisted suicide. Mental problems can be helped, a fatal disease cannot.

The ethics of euthanasia and assisted suicide are all a matter of opinion to many people. Everyone has their own concept of existence, and who says that people can't have control over their life? Including the decision of when they wish to end it. Many people believe that...