Euthanasia argumentive essay. Discusses both the positives and negative aspects of it.

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There are many people that would not change their stable and excellent health for the world. There are also those who would like to end a wretched life due to uncontrollable suffering and pain. Pleading to end one's life by unpainful treatment, Euthanasia, has existed ever since humans have been around to talk about it. Euthanasia, in Greek meaning good death, has brought much controversy to a world audience because it deals with ending the life of a human being. As stated by Kerby Anderson:

Debate over euthanasia is not a modern phenomenon. The Greeks carried on a robust debate on the subject. The Pythagoreans opposed euthanasia, while the Stoics favored it in the case of incurable disease. Plato approved of it in cases of terminal illness (Anderson).

Most people who oppose it are in favor of limiting options for those who are in great need for euthanasia.

They do not understand that these pleading sufferers are asking for an end to something that most people need not experience. Two types of euthanasia are passive, to die by way of discontinuation of life supportive devices, and active, to die by taking physician prescribed medication that will cause death.

The issue of Euthanasia has both haunted and satisfied many people when dealing with a loved one concurring with a terminal illness. So should there be a continuous stoppage to help end the suffering of human beings who plead to remember a much better life? I believe euthanasia should be legalized because it would help all terminally ill patients relief their physical and mental suffering, it would reduce costs for unnecessary hospitalization, and it would expand people's rights by having more options to choose from when in such a situation.

A person who has been hospitalized for a week really...