Euthanasia Debate Notes

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society has a moral obligation to respect individual autonomy when we can do so without harm to others and when doing so does not violate some other moral obligation.

because life is intrinsically valuable only as a result of its necessity for decision-making and free will

Life without autonomy ceases to be of the utmost value

persons right to choose his or her life course should be the highest priority

This principle guarantees a persons right to have his or her own decisions respected in determining medical treatment, including euthanasia


suffering unrelenting and continual pain, and there is no reasonable possibility of substantial recovery

morally disgusting to watch another person suffer through humiliating helplessness and constant pain when one could prevent it

It is widely considered humane to put animals that are permanently physically impaired to death, yet humans cannot currently receive the same mercy under the law, even when they request it

When we are confronted with suffering which is wholly destructive in its consequences and, as far as we can tell, could have no beneficial result, there is a moral obligation to end it


Modern technological advances, such as respirators and artificial kidney machines, have made it possible to keep persons alive for long periods of time even when they are permanently unconscious or irreversibly brain damaged

Life is not precious then.

It's horrible and people should be allowed to have someone end their life for them, rather then live in pain and in an undignified manner

Some people think of euthanasia as a way of playing god. But to take one off a life support machine, or to indeed put someone on one, is this not the same thing? You are playing with life - playing god!

To kill out of anger or...