Is Euthanasia Ever Morally Acceptable?

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Jim's mother for some odd reason has contracted an incurable disease that has taken most of her life away. At this moment Jim's mother is suffering from this disease for half a year now and no cure has been developed to help treat this disease. On top of that, she still has six more months to live. Until this one day the disease is spreading vastly over her body and the pain has become unbearable and she can't seem to with stand the pain anymore. So she asks Jim and the doctor to kill her now so she doesn't have to feel the incredible amount of pain that she is enduring.

Is there such thing as this type of death where you ask someone to kill you to stop all the pain and suffering that you're enduring? For a matter of fact there is, it's called "Euthanasia". Let's define this debatable and controversial term "euthanasia" that our society and the whole world, which have face this issue in the past and at present time.

Euthanasia: The self-inflicted or assisted act of helping someone to diepainlessly, often occurring among people with terminaldiseases or an incurable condition, as by lethal; injection orthe suspension of extraordinary medical treatment. (1)The term euthanasia is also known as "compassionate or mercy killing to end suffering" (2)We now must ask ourselves this very question "Is Euthanasia Morally Acceptable?" For me personally, I don't think euthanasia is ever morally acceptable. I believe that God has created us for a reason. And that reason is that God gave us life and we should live it to the fullest until its time to go, even though we have to endure all that suffering and pain. Just simply meaning let nature takes it course until the time has come to go.