Euthanasia By: Joel McIntire

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Joel McIntosh

Business Comm.

Mr. Zielinski

Period 2


There are many reasons why euthanasia should become the law of the land. The first distinction to make when discussing euthanasia is between voluntary and involuntary euthanasia. Voluntary euthanasia is performed at the patients request; on the other hand involuntary euthanasia occurs without a patient's explicit consent or even against his or her will. Euthanasia is used for the purpose of putting an end to inevitable suffering, or having abnormal babies, the mentally ill or the incurably sick from the prolongation, perhaps for many years of a miserable life, which could impose too heavy a burden on their families or on society. Supporters of euthanasia feel that ending a person's life can be justifiable if the person is in severe pain and sincerely wants to die. It isn't fare for someone to go through the pain and suffering caused by illnesses such as aids, cancer or Lou Gehrigs Disease. Most people who suffer from these illnesses will eventually rely on someone else to take care of them. "I just can't imagine my wife coming home to bathe me of my own mess" says Jim Romney. This not only wears down on the patients but on the friends and family members as well. These people have to deal with the victims, unfortunately watching them change and suffer, on an every day basis causing mental and emotional distress. Many terminally ill patients feel that their life has already been destroyed by disease-euthanasia only hastens their already imminent death.