Euthanasia is Justifiable

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Do you want to save your sick mother or just let her die? In Netherlands, the practice of euthanasia, relieves the dying or suffering or pain. They say that we have the regret to have the right to live.

Euthanasia is divided into two. First, active euthanasia is euthanasia used because of the patient willing. Second, passive euthanasia is euthanasia used because of the offering of a doctor. What is Euthanasia? It is the practice of killing person who is suffering from a disease that couldn't be cured without pain. As we realize by killing a person, we violate his right to live. That is human right. Although we know that human rights also include the rights of the human to do what he deserves, it doesn't mean that we can everything we want because there are laws, which limit our wish to do what we like.

Country laws ban their own citizens to kill people; there is no rule, which stated that ,"You can kill people". Humans' lives can't be taken as we like. In religion we know that all humans; lives are God decision. Let Nature decides for itself. Everything happening in the world has its own purpose and all plantation, including suffering. Why do people suffer? Because we have violated the nature's balance. We cut trees and what have we got, floods and land slides. Some people come into the state of commas because of wrong lifestyles. Wouldn't it be better to invent better methods of treatment than killing off the patient? Some doctors are subjunctive. He or she may think a person can't be cured but others don't. Many herbalists, Chinese practitioner, can cure untreatable diseases. So the key to find the right method of treatment for patient is not to kill him...