Euthenasia: con. viewpoint.

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In our life, we sometime find where we are at the top and surrounded by pleasure and satisfaction. However, we sometime will find where we are in the depths of misery and suffering. That is the consequence of life, and we cannot run from it. We have to face it, not giving up and let the life crush us.

Furthermore, suffering has arranged by god to test us, whether we complain or be patient. If we complain it means we give up and take a shortcut to solve problems. Otherwise, we are patient and take a valuable action towards them.

One thing as a good example for the scheme above is euthanasia, which is also called as mercy killing. It is a way for people which cannot hold the disease they have anymore. It is done by ending the patients' life, in order to stop the pain they feel.

However, it is looked as a good thing to help people to get out of the suffering. Because they will end their life in a nice way, shortly. No need to take a long time, suffering, because of the disease they have.

Frankly, although euthanasia is looked as a good thing because it helps people, I have different opinion towards euthanasia. Any reasons for allowing euthanasia is not acceptable, because however, euthanasia can be categorized as killing. And killing is bad, no need to argue about it.

People said that euthanasia is a right for every single person to decide whether they want to have it or not. And no one else can disturb a right of a person. They judge it for themselves.

However, I think that it is true whether everyone has their own right to decide euthanasia for themselves. But, is it true that their rights...