Evaluate the existing appraisal system of any institution. If there is no appraisal system, then why isn't it there?

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This presentation focuses on the teacher appraisal system and practices that contribute to the ultimate goal of enriching the educational experiences of the students. There is no magic formula and no definitive appraisal system or model. There are however, some basic principles and essential practices for implementing those principles that make a difference in most schools.

In order to evaluate the above , a case study research is taken up to update us with what is going on regarding the teacher appraisal setup in out schools.

It concludes by evaluating the data collected. Then the case study recommendations are suggested followed by practical suggestions for teacher development.

Section # 1

1. Literature Review

"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of being."

--- Johann W. Von Goethe

The ultimate goal in education should be to provide the best quality educational experiences for the students .

each process implemented in a school district should contribute towards accomplishing that goal. For an appraisal system to contribute towards that goal , it must promote the professional improvement of each staff member and, when necessary , provide data to remove a teacher whose presence in the profession is detrimental to students.

Implementing an appraisal system that improves personnel performance and removes incompetent teachers without creating climate of mistrust and malcontent is one of the most elusive tasks in education Teachers generally resent the need to be reviewed through a process they view as punitive . Principals become frustrated with appraisal procedures that have a negative impact on school climate. Superintendents/supervisors are frustrated with efforts to demonstrate accountability through in effective procedures. School trustees anxiously assure the community of the competence of all staff even though their involvement with the appraisal...