Evaluate the importance of Fidel Castro's leadership in holding and taking power between 1956-1965?

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Castro's leadership played a critical role in the July 26th movement in taking and holding power. The leadership qualities that proved most critical were his beliefs, tactics and response to key event.

Castro believed in social justice, political power to the people, reforms in land and social support. His social justice belief can be seen in many of Castro's speeches 1/1/1959 "No thieves No Traitors No interventionist, this time the revolution is for real!" and " It will not be as in 1933 when the people believed the revolution was in the making and Batista took power." These extracts from the speech showed that Castro was very serious about the revolution and will not make the same mistakes as Batista did. He believed that his people deserved a better government then Batista and promised reforms and concessions, this includes freedom for political prisoners, freedom for the press, implications of the democratic system, land reforms, better health and education system.

Castro's used very clever tactics in order to overthrow Batista. Castro created the July 26th movement consisting of people who wanted a new government. His plan was to use Guerrilla warfare tactics to defeat the government because the Cuban army easily outnumbered the July 26th movement in men and arms. Castro and his revolutionaries stayed in Sierra Maestro and had setup plans to where they would evacuate in an event of the Cuban army attacking. During there time at Sierra Castro wrote the Sierra Manifesto, this outlined the revolutionary laws if they were in charge and to gain support. With the help from the local village Castro could gain food, water, ammunition supplies and valuable information about the Cuban army. The local village was a vital part of Castro's people because it gave the revolutionaries a better advantage in combat...