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How to evaluate a web site: The 7 Cs framework


The context of the website captures its aesthetic and functional look-and-feel. Some sites have chosen to focus heavily on interesting graphics, colors and design features, while others have emphasized more simpler utilitarian goals, such as ease of navigation..


The following is a webpage from The balance of both aesthetic(pastel colors, simple warm visuals) and functional (crisp, uncluttered) design elements to communicate its core benefits-traditionally designed clothing, great service and moderate prices.


The following is a page from In sharp contrast, this com is a more hip, nontraditional brand. Its website is comparatively more edgy, with bolder colors, humor (the get lucky slogan) and a more focused product line. customers might not find the appealing, purely because of its look and feel. suggests a younger, more urban, and fashion-forward target segment.



Content is defined as all digital subject matter on the site. This includes the from of the digital subject matter-text, video, audio and graphics- as well as the domains of the digital subject matter, including product, service, and information offerings. While context largely focuses on the "how" of site design, content focuses on "what" is presented.

Example: includes content pertaining to its product offerings, services, and offline support. In terms of media, the site uses a combination of text, photos and graphics to convey its content.


Community is defined as the interaction that occurs between site users. It does not refer to site-to-user interactions. User-to-user communication can occur between two users (e-mails, online games) or between one user and many (eg chat rooms)

Example: has an innovative community feature that allows two users to shop simultaneously on its site. This trademarked service termed "Shop...