Evaluating Autism

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Evaluating Autism

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Evaluating Autism

Eileen Miller said, "In reference to Einstein's definition of insanity...No Mr. Einstein, that is not insanity that is autism". With the majority of people not having an understanding of what Autism is or how to recognize the symptoms of this disorder, perhaps more people should be made aware of Autism instead of writing the disorder off as an odd person, or someone that looks to be insane. Research has shown that a cure for Autism is not probable, but when the disorder is diagnosed at an early stage, Autism can be treated and managed. With the disorder being detected at an early stage, maybe this will help families to cope with the various stressors of an autistic child. So, to fully understand Autism, people need to be educated on Autism, how to diagnose Autism, treat Autism, and how to cope with Autism.

What is Autism

With so many people wondering what Autism is they also might wonder is Autism a disease or a disorder and how does someone contract Autism. From what doctors can tell, the primary feature of Autism is that whoever has this disorder, he or she is socially withdrawn. As a result of someone having Autism, their communication and language skills are impaired. An autistic person also lacks the ability to give and receive love from others like a normal person would. According to Edwards (2001), Autism is "defined as being immersed within oneself: There is from the start an extreme autistic aloneness that, whenever possible, disregarding, ignores, and shuts out anything that comes to the child from the outside" (p.11). With there being no swelling, fever, or visible sign of this disorder, Autism cannot really be labeled as a disease, but as...