Evaluating Government Regulations

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Evaluating Government RegulationsThere is no need for these kinds of rates in poverty, especially when it comes to our children. Children in poverty are issues that cannot be ignored in today’s society. The thing that most people overlook is the insufficient nutrition along with unemployment and housing that is overcrowded. Some people like to believe that these children do not exist and everyone is happy and carefree. When in most cases there could be a child living in poverty next door.

The nutritious and healthy food is not always low cost and can be hard for a low-income family to afford. A number of nutritious meals takes time to prepare and when guardians work all day they probably do not feel like or have time to cook a full course meal. For example, a single mother works in a pizza parlor to support her children, every night the owner lets her take a free pizza home, this is good to eat but does not supply the every day nutrients a child needs.

A child who does not receive sufficient nutrition can suffer academically.

The numbers of children in the United States living in lower income families continues to grow. “The number of children living in poverty increased by more than 11 percent between 2000 and 2005. There are 1.3 million more children living in poverty today than in 2000, despite indications of economic recovery and growth” (Fass and Cauthen, 2006). Most people want to believe since the economy is growing the poverty level is dropping but, it is not. Sure there are more jobs and higher paying jobs but these require training which is costly. The other thing to remember is this occurs when wages go up the merchandise goes up also.

To aide in the costs of healthcare for...