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IntroductionFamous Footwear is one of many retail chains owned by the Brown Shoe Company. Famous Footwear uses motivation theories that keep employees focused. Managers in the organization know how to deal with conflict effectively, and take business ethics very seriously.

Motivational TheoriesMotivational theories within Famous Footwear include the Goal Setting theory, along with the Intrinsic Motivation theory. At Famous Footwear, managers try to motivate employees to meet sales and driver goals. Sales and driver goals are set by corporate, and then relayed to district and store managers. It is then up to managers to keep sales associates focused, and coach them to make goal. This is where the goal setting theory comes into place.

Throughout the day, store managers print out the Great Sales Report, so that employees can make sure to sell enough merchandise. This is also a way to keep track of driver goals. With the driver goals, each associate’s sales need to be at a 6% in shoe accessories, a 50% in customer rewards cards, and a 6% in Home Deliveries.

On weekends, some store managers use the intrinsic motivation theory. They will have contests, and the associate that does the best on driver goals will get a cash prize. Managers keep track of each sales associate’s numbers, and every week they are evaluated. By doing this, sales associates can see what they are doing well on and where they need improvement.

Conflict ManagementManagers at Famous Footwear use a direct approach with conflict by using authoritive command. Managers use their authority to put an end to conflict in the store. First employees get a verbal warning. In this stage the store manager will counsel the employee, and encourage them to do better. The next stage would be a write up. The store manager will document...