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With the advent of the World Wide Web and the huge amount of information that is contained there. Internet relatively is a relatively new and there are a lot of untested information and communication medium. As such, we have to learn how to evaluate, expand and adapt existing criteria for evaluating them or even distinguish the "good" web sites between them.

The following paper is the comparison of the web sites that are different in content audience and purpose. The three web sites I have been compared are Gender and HIV/AIDS, The Real Truth about Aids and The true But Little Known Facts about Women and Aids. Three of the web sites act as the information area of the AIDS. The web sites need to be visually appealing, and information must be easily accessible if the web sites are going to be trusted. The evaluation of those three web sites will be based on their reliability, validity accuracy, authority, timeliness and bias.

Evaluating web sites means determining whether or not they are "good" and being trusted. I think that a good websites must have worthwhile content but sometimes there added additional goals or additional information on the specific websites, so we could get more information and it would be worth to trusted.

First website I have evaluated is Gender and HIV/AIDS; I can find out that the Ms. Nazneen Daji is the only one author or even the webmaster in this website. She mentioned that she is the Program Specialist, Gender and HIV/AIDS, United National Development Fund for the women. So I could probably think that the author is an expert in this field. The purpose in this web site is that the author has developed this compressive gender and HIV/AIDS as...