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Madison Zoeller

Dr. E. Plough

English 101 Composition

20 November 2013

Delta State Mens Basketball vs. Eckerd College: An Evaluation

Basketball is an exciting sport, more specifically college basketball. College basketball is a top rated sport and rapidly grows its fan base every year. I consider basketball a necessity pertaining to sports, especially at Delta State University. At DSU, basketball is a main source of entertainment for all students, faculty, and the community around the campus. The season kickoff is major component that increases the fan base for the rest of the season, and sets the tone for the upcoming games. The 79-73 win over Eckerd College on Sunday stimulated the season for the Statesmen, and set the tone for fans, including myself. The win will lead to many more victories, which will increase overall support for the Fighting Okra. This win shows me, DSU students, faculty, and the community that DSU basketball is an essential event to attend for the season to come.

The DSU basketball team will continue on in their victories and remain an essential part of athletics at DSU because of solid teamwork amongst its players, quick reaction and instinct, and perseverance when they are down. Comment by Dr. Plough: either: "This win shows me, as well as DSU students, faculty, and the community that…"or2. "This win shows DSU students, faculty, the community, and me that…" Comment by Dr. Plough: DSU basketball games are essential events to attend

In every sport, particularly basketball, teamwork is the prominent technique to achieve victory. Unification is the key to playing on a team, and without it there is no objective goal to obtain. This past Sunday, the DSU men's basketball team fabricated a remarkable display of unification and communication throughout the entire game. The boys started off...