This is an evaluation of affirmative action. In the essay, I argue that affirmative action is no longer an effective means in achieving racial equality

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Affirmative Action is a public policy dealing with discrimination in regards to equal opportunity. President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced affirmative action public policy to Americans in 1965 in the hopes that the policy would create a more equal society. Every other policy issue or law dealing with discrimination was directed at the theory and ideas of equality, whereas Affirmative Action dealt with the fact and result of equality. The policy was aimed at particular areas of concern such as education and the workforce. These were areas where white males had historically dominated the available positions. Affirmative Action was intended to give blacks and other minorities the same opportunities for promotions, salary increases, career advancement, school admissions, scholarships, and financial aid. It was also seen as a temporary patch to American society until there was a level playing field for all people.

38 years later, the same policy is in place for many states and remains relatively unchanged and as a result has become a source of heated controversy.

The majority opinion in the United States supports Affirmative Action because people still believe that without the policy, the education institutions and workplaces would not naturally see potential students and employees through color-blind eyes. The majority of Americans feel as though there is still a need for a balancing act to be done by the government.

Contrary to popular belief, the non-supporters of Affirmative Action do not entirely consist of conservative republican white males. Many Black and Hispanic groups are against the Affirmative Action policy. They feel as though it is a step back in their equality struggle. "It is patronizing and it causes everyone to pay closer attention to your specific race. It also invites comments by other non-ethnic students regarding the way you were accepted at the...