An Evaluation of Connect’s Customer Complaints Practices

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An Evaluation of Connect's

Customer Complaints Practices,


Partial requirement of MG301 - Service Operations Management

Department of Management and Public Administration

Faculty of Business & Economics,

University of the South Pacific (USP),


Supervised by

Mr. Subash Appana

Course Coordinator/Lecturer

Designed by:

Sunjit Kaur Singh S11003284

Ginger Honafonu S11017155

Sital Kumar S11012247

Jenita Prakash S11014674

Table of Contents

I. Cover Page (i)

II. Content (ii)

II. Statement of Declaration (iii)

III. Acknowledgements (iv)


I. Abstract 1

II. Company Profile 2

III. Connect's Customer Care 3

Customer Evaluation of Connect's Services

IV. Literature Review 9

V. Recommendations 14

VI. Conclusion 15

VII. Bibliography 16

VIII. Appendix 17

Exhibit 1: Connect Service Packages

Exhibit 2: Connect 2007 Annual Report

Exhibit 3: Interview Questionnaire

Exhibit 4: Developing a Comprehensive Picture of Service Failure

Statement of Declaration

We, hereby declare that this project is the result of our own hard work and all ideas used in the completion of this project are acknowledged in the bibliography at the end of this report.

Utmost care and responsible has been undertaken to provide accurate information of the market situation in Fiji, however, we accept that some ideas of data are outdated.

Permission was sort from Connect prior to compiling this project. However, their logo and their internal information are still their assets. Therefore, they are copyrighted and trademarked but allowed for us to use the purpose of education from the School of Management & Public Administration of the Faculty of Business & Economics of University of the South Pacific. They shall only be used for the MG301 class of semester 2,2007 only.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following people for...