Evaluation of Healthy Eating Habits

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Part 1. Evaluation of my Eating Spoke

After watching the videos on TV and reading the chapters in the book, I realized that healthy eating is a key to achieving maximum wellness. Enjoying a variety of foods from the different food groups is the key to healthy eating. It is very important to implement this concept in our life because food is acting within our body in a way that totally affects influences and determines what kind of health we are going to have as we grow older.

Completing the Self-Survey and constructing the Wellness Wheel allowed me to take a closer look at my eating habits. So, how does my Eating spoke compare to my other spokes on the wheel? Well, I am afraid that my Eating spoke is "at risk" because the average score received for that section was only 1.3. This is a very low score in compare with my other spokes.

For example, the Self-Responsibility and Love spoke earned 1.8 average points, and Communicating and Thinking spokes earned 1.7 average points. None of my spokes received 2.0 averages. This only tells me that I am not perfect, probably just like everyone else I know. Eventually, I will have to take some serous action to "save" my Eating spoke from going down to 0.

After reviewing my eating record for seven days I noticed a specific pattern. My morning meals usually start out with a healthy, nutritious eating like eating variety of fruits, for example. But as a day goes by, I tend to eat less nutritious foods, like hamburgers or pasta, which is one of my favorites. Part of the reason for it is because my income is not so stable anymore, so I never know exactly what am I going to eat today. Moreover,