Evaluation of Textbook: Peter Grey's "Psychology", 5th Edition

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The text book by Peter Grey assigned for my introductory Psychology class, has an extremely well designed lay out scheme and I find that the information is presented in such a way that I am able to retain it well. The fact that he doesn't present everything as information one has to memorize; but rather as ideas and concepts one should ponder helps the student immensely without he or she even realizing it.

Peter grey recognizes that the mind is not particularly good at absorbing and remembering miscellaneous pieces of information, as stated in his preface, so to conquer this obstacle he has created a layout for his book that both stimulates the students thought and "appeals to their intelligence"(Preface XII, paragraph 4). I have found this most true in both the critical thinking questions in the right margins of pages, and the information reviews at the end of chapter sections.

The questions help me extract the key information and I reread the text willingly to ensure I grasped the real objective of the paragraph. The section reviews help me to confirm that I have grasped the main concepts. In presenting ideas and concepts in many different ways, he even proves some of the beliefs of psychologists that relate to the human memory. In addition; his added extras, such as comics and humorous pictures keep the textbook from being mundane, and again force me to question why they were added and what they relate to.

I find the book interesting and stimulating, well done Peter Grey!