An evaluation on two dancers in dance performance class(advanced dance) also explains echniques used in a dance class.

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Subjects:Elizabeth A.&Maria

In my evaluation I found it impossible to directly compare the two or any two dancers. Every persons style varies, and some do certain things better than others and vise- versa. What I did discover from observing the class as a whole was the different passions in everyone-on different levels-for dance.

Warm up: Warm-up, to me, is the time where you get in tune with your body. You awaken all your senses to prepare them for the awareness and concentration it takes for the across-the-floor patterns. When I watched the dancers I looked to see where they were. Were they just going through the motions or were they really to do whatever it took for them to get hype.

Maria: She was not very concentrated on the stretching/warm-up. She was still trying to wake-up. I believe she probably misses out on being more flexible by half-doing the stretches, which I also realized was vital portion of class.

Elizabeth: Her level of concentration even in the warm-up is impressive. Fluidity of movement is very good. Balance of weight is not always consistent in being centered. In example, one hand lower than other in second or fifth, or leaning to right side in pase. Fifth position seems to be the most difficult for her. In stretches where your back most is flat, her back always is dominantly round.

Across the floor (Swing):

What I was looking for in these patterns was how hard they tried, their level of concentration, and how much the modified the choreography to add style.

Elizabeth: Her level of concentration across the floor is equal to one who is practicing backstage before a performance. On this day she was trying things on her own as opposed to just stopping, and watching, and seeing...