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The Wife of Bath is an interesting character, both by the tale she tells and who she is. She tells

her tale of a knight who had been given the quest for his life - to find what women desired most. Though

she was known for not being a pure nor descent woman, due to the fact that she had had five husbands

and many lovers on the side, she may have told her tale to help people to see that she was not a completely

horrible person, but had her reasons for the things that she had done.

Her interesting thoughts were shown through her tale about the knight whose punishment for his

crime was to seek and find what women desired most. Told mainly to entertain, it had a good lesson to be

learned, that women desired equal rights, privileges, and respect. In her story, the knight had been

convicted of raping a maiden.

The king had granted the life of the knight to the queen; thus, showing that

the king respected his wife, the queen, her thoughts, wishes, and gave her the right to prosecute the knight

as she saw fit. The queen gave the knight one year and one day to find what women desired most. After

seeking diligently for one year, the knight found an old maid was willing to give the answer to him for the

queen if he would grant her one wish afterwards. The old maid told him that all women desired equal

rights, and this he spoke before the queen, and not a woman disagreed. The knight was given his life, and

the old maid asked for her wish before the queen. The wish of the old maid was that the knight would

marry her. The knight begged that he be...