An Evasive Identity: Racial, Cultural, and Ethnic Differences in America.

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This year saw the inauguration of the first ever American President of African American descent. Making it more ardent that Americans are as united as ever, and that they can venture beyond the constraints of race and ethnicity. These aspects once plagued this nation; and simply because an African American has managed to become president might prompt others to make the assumption that indeed these issues are far behind them. This would clearly be a misconception. America is burdened by a history of racial segregation which was mostly directed at African Americans. From the times of Martin Luther King Jr, who was actively involved in fighting for the rights of black people and advocating for their emancipation from slavery; to such times when America rates itself as a democratic nation the situation has only changed slightly. There are still those individuals who voted for a black president simply because of his race and those who voted for a white candidate also on the basis of their race.

America has grown tremendously over the years, but their identity is still flawed by marks of disunity. A time is yet to come when the notion of race will not mar their mindset in regard to providing equal opportunities to Americans of all races. This paper seeks to provide a revelation on the existing prospects regarding American identity. This will be established through an analysis of pieces of articles whose topics discuss this particular issue. Americans seem to be plagued by the delusion that they are all equal and that life pans out the same for all. This is seen through the many myths which they uphold as reality. While they are only reflective of how unequal and different their lives are. An American identity which defines a national character is...